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IT Products for Computers

Since most of the work done in offices today is computer-based, it’s extremely importantly for companies to invest in computers that match their business needs and productivity goals. For example if your staff members are mostly travelling for business purposes and meeting clients and partners actively, then you might want to invest into laptops, tablets or hybrid laptops instead of desktop PCs.

This is because these types of computers can easily be carried around. Besides this, it also enables you to access your important business information and data on the go.

At TELEZOOM , we offer businesses the highest quality and the widest range of computers from the industry leading manufacturers’ at the most competitive rates. Browse through our computer range to find out what types of computers are available in the market.

The best way to select the right type of computer is to keep your business needs and goals in consideration. Keep in mind how you work and what devise would help you boost your business productivity.

IT Products for Networking

Invest in IT products for networking to establish a strong telecommunication network within your organisation. A strong and seamless telecommunication network is important to get the work done faster and to deliver excellent customer support services to your clients.

Once you create a well-integrated and seamless networking system across enterprise, you will be able to enjoy a unified communication network across enterprise. And this will also simultaneously help you increase your operational efficiency.

Through a unified communication network, you can easily exchange data over the network among different departments within your company and perform inter dependent tasks much faster. By completing tasks faster, you can increase your business productivity. And increased productivity helps improve business performance which further helps improve business profits.


For quick data transmission across departments and different buildings, you will need to install routers. Routers can be best described as technological devices that help capture information received via a broadband/internet connection through a modem and then delivered to the PC. Another function of a router is that it also supports encapsulation and filtering. It operates at the data link, physical & network layers of OSI model.

Router and routing products, when installed, can truly transform your IT network. They can offer both reliable service and high security to your branch networks and data centres.

Routers are available in different types: edge router, subscriber edge router, core router, broadband router and wireless router. Each of these routers function differently and have their own benefits.


If you’re looking for a way that can help everyone within your office stay connected even when they are in the lobby or café, then you might want to invest in wireless networking connection. As the name suggests, this network uses wireless data connections to connect technological devices. A good example of a wireless network would be a WIFI connection.

As it is wireless, it helps your staff members get work done on the go. It allows users to access their network resources using the WIFI hotspot, thus ensuring improved responsiveness. Using a wireless network, your staff can easily access the information needed on the spot. And that is truly an advantage when it comes to delivering superior support services to clients. The wireless network can be divided into four different types.


To create a smooth, interconnected and flawless networking system with shared resources, you will need switches along with routers. Both these devices are crucial for creating a powerful and interconnected networking system for your business.

Switches are basically used for creating an interconnected network of shared devices such as printers, and servers which can be used by employees across departments. Switches are available in 2 different types, unmanaged switches and managed switches.

Security Solution

One of the topmost concerns when it comes to both of your premises and IT landscape is the security of your business. And you must not take it for granted as it is very crucial. Imagine if you invest only in the protection of your IT landscape but not in the security of your business premises. And what if your business premises get attacked and infiltrated? And along the process, your servers, business computers, and other expensive IT products get damaged or stolen? Think about the financial and data loss you’ll have to incur after that scenario? And in addition to that, the time it will take for you to set your business on the path to recovery and start its operations again?


Work on your desktop computer or laptop without any fear. Install a powerful antivirus today. Antivirus, as the name suggests, are powerful software programs that provide superior level of protection to users against computer based and web related threats.

Efficient and powerful antivirus programs like Norton, and McAfee provide excellent protection against viruses and keeps hackers at bay. By installing an antivirus, you can surf the internet freely, and download files with ease without worrying about viruses from infecting your system.

An antivirus can help you initiate system scans automatically, remove malicious programs from your system before they do any damage, notify you of their presence in your system, and more.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPN, also known as Virtual Private Network, is a smart and the latest network technology. This technology is developed to help users create a highly-secure network connection over the web. With this technology integrated in your business architecture, you can rest assured that users located remotely are securely connected with your network.
The Virtual Private Network also allows users to both connect as well as use multiple websites over long distances. Simply stated, this technology enables you to establish a strong and secure network connection, allowing your team to stay well-connected.

To ensure data traffic security, several types of VPN protocols are used such as IP security, SSL and PPTP.


Store & Retrieve Data and Even Send Files to Other PCs on the Network

Enterprises of all sizes worldwide are continuously investing in servers to serve business networking and communication purposes. A computer server enables organizations to store & retrieve data and even send files to other PCs on the network. But, to ensure that your server works smoothly, efficiently, and delivers high performance at all times, you must have the best server operating system installed.

A server operating system or server OS is basically an operating system that is exclusively designed for running computer servers. The server OS is the main software layer that acts as the basis for other programs or applications to run on the server hardware, smoothly. It facilitates the typical roles of a server like a web server, file server, application server, print server, and mail server.

If you have purchased a server for your office but are now looking for IT products for your server, such as a highly functional operating system, then look no further.

At TELEZOOM , we only offer our clients the best in technology at the most competitive rates. We strive to offer and provide customers IT products that are a great combination of quality, functionality, performance, and price.

Windows Server

Microsoft is one of the leaders in technology, developed Windows Server. This can be described as a group of smart and highly functional server operating systems designed to deliver excellent performance. This server operating system can efficiently handle, execute, and manage a large variety of server-oriented operations and functions. Some of them are corporate networking, intranet, databases, and more.

Many businesses including SMEs and large industry giants prefer Windows Servers over other OS for many reasons. Some of the benefits that users can enjoy in Windows Server Operating System are: it is super easy to configure and setup, it has very low resource consumption, and a lot more. One good thing it does is it frees up unused resources to give way for other important functions.

If you wish to learn more about the server-oriented operations that you can perform using Windows Server, let us know! We will give you the top reasons why should you integrate Windows Server 2016 in your existing IT business landscape. Plus, you will get to know other amazing benefits of this server operating system.


IT Outsourcing

For newly incorporated businesses in Singapore with limited resources and budget, it’s not easy to perform all the operations including IT in-house. Performing all services in-house can tie up your limited resources which you might otherwise need to execute core business areas, thus compromising on your business performance, productivity and success. Besides, it can also add to your cost of doing business. Without a well-trained and dedicated IT staff, handling on-site and remote desktop problems can be difficult, frustrating and time-consuming, resulting in productivity loss. For these reasons, IT outsourcing makes sense.

By hiring a professional IT Support company, you can ensure that all unexpected and sudden IT glitches and troubleshoot will be dealt with and resolved on-demand and efficiently without long delays. By outsourcing IT services, you can also free up your limited IT resources and focus more on your core and revenue generating areas, thereby boosting your operational productivity and business profitability by leaps and bound.

Simply put, IT outsourcing is a great way to reduce cost of doing business, lower IT operational risk, manage IT related problems efficiently, ensure your IT operations run smoothly and improve IT service delivery.

At TELEZOOM, we offer businesses a wide range of IT sourcing services including both remote and onsite IT services. From onsite maintenance services to technical support to remote Helpdesk services, full IT management and monitoring to custom designed network solutions, we provide you with the best IT support services you need to run your business smoothly and efficiently with zero downtime, while saving big on cost.

IT Desktop Support Services

Desktop problems need to be fixed ASAP to prevent disruptions. Without a skilled IT team, handling and resolving these problems can take several hours before you resume your work. In today’s business world, even the smallest of delays can result in big losses to businesses, largely because your inability to serve your clients when they need may want them to switch to your competitor instead. To avoid such delays and ensure desktop related problems are handled and fixed timely, consider opting for professional IT Desktop Support Services.

It includes a wide spectrum of computer support solutions such as office network support services, hardware support services, software support, PC repair, IT server and system maintenance. At TELEZOOM, we provide a variety of desktop support services packages to fit all business needs.

From onsite desktop support to remote, project based and phone IT desktop support services, we specialise in all of them. We provide you with the technical support you need to handle IT glitches, responsively.

Take care of all your IT operations by entrusting them to our specialists at TELEZOOM! We provide Desktop Support Services that meet your company needs and take your resources into consideration. As a professional IT service provider in Singapore, we can only assure you utmost satisfaction as we deliver 100% timely, scalable, and customized support.

To keep the flow of your business operations, you need to make sure that your computers, applications, and networks are working properly. In line with this, we offer the following services:

  • Office Network Support Services
  • Software Support Services
  • Hardware Support Services
  • System Maintenance and Monitoring

IT Desktop Support Packages

Fully Managed Desktop – This package includes regular or time to time maintenance. To guarantee that your computer is functional, we will be conducting monthly check-ups. This is ideal for those who want to work with us long-term. We recommend this package as you will be able to monitor your desktop more accurately and consistently.

Ad Hoc Support – This package is for those who are looking for short-term solutions. Choose this deal if you only require to fix small issues on your desktop.

Project-based Support – As the name suggests, this package lets you hire our support staff to manage a specific undertaking that will take a certain period of time. If you have a definite project that requires an appropriate solution, this package is for you.

IT Maintenance Services

IT maintenance services are a very crucial and fundamental part of a business for them to perform. IT maintenance is not merely a one-off thing, but it’s something which needs to be consistently ongoing since IT is never stagnant and always upgrading and updating. It is easy to forget how important this aspect is to a business until panic starts to set in when there is downtime and disruption to the workflow.

Not only does TELEZOOM provide immediate response time whenever a problem arises, but we also aim to help you enhance your business performance by achieving an optimal life-cycle management. TELEZOOM is hands-on and gets directly involved in your network and computer systems to monitor, improve and minimize compromises to your system’s security.

TELEZOOM is the best in the business for one reason – because we ensure that our team is carefully selected through a stringent assessment process which determines that only the best of the best join our ranks. With professionalism and reliability being part of our core values, put your worries aside because you will be able to count on us to save the day.

IT Maintenance Services are Essential

The above statement explains why IT maintenance services are a very crucial and fundamental part of a business for them to perform. IT maintenance is not merely a one-off thing, but it’s something which needs to be consistently ongoing since IT is never stagnant and always upgrading and updating. It is easy to forget how important this aspect is to a business until panic starts to set in when there is downtime and disruption to the workflow.


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